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Re: hi all, i have a problem getting my chinese(gb) to show properly in Chinese terms

On Sun, Feb 24, 2002 at 10:18:43PM -0800, kevin liu wrote:
> as best as I can. For example I save a file in Chinese
> named Nihao. I go in crxvt, I see Nihao in Chinese
> perfectly. Then I would want to edit it so i type Vim
> Nihao(in Chinese, via Chinput), what i would see then
> on the output is vim \304\340\272\303, but I still do
> get in the vim with the correct chinese file.
> my .inputrc
> set meta-flag on
> set convert-meta off
> set output-meta on 

Two things I will do:
1). Check you are actually using bash, not tcsh.
2). upgrade bash.

I have no other clue for now. :(

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