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Re: 请问一下debian有pppoe套件吗

> ygh@palm:~$ apt-cache search adsl
> kernel-patch-2.4-pppoatm - Kernel patch PPP over ATM
> kernel-patch-2.4-speedtouch - speedtouch USB ADSL support for 2.4
> lg-issue65 - Issue 65 of the Linux Gazette.
> pppoe - PPP over Ethernet driver
> pppoeconf - configures PPPoE/ADSLN?I@R ?□hu□jw!□津□?绂b羞y??
> □i狁□fj□娣炮□n&坎?-


也就是说我要patch kernel才行吗
这个 pppoe - PPP over Ethernet driver是一个DEBIAN package吗??
我就要先抓下来放到floopy disk里面
谢谢 !

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