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Re: Only Unifont display chinese

On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 07:55:04PM -0800, hangkinsin@yahoo.com wrote:
> I have install the chinese ttf fonts, but only the
> unifont can display chinese. What should I look for?
> Where can I get the task-chinese-? apt-get install
> task-chinese-s says the package exist in the database
> but has no available version. 

You need other component to use ttf with X.
x-ttcidfont-confx-ttcidfont-conf, and you also need to 
load the xtt module for you Xserver.

Please read the faq on setup Chinese environment for Debian.

unifont is not a bitmap font, not ttf.

There is a new task system using tasksel but I don't know
if it works for now.

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