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Re: Gnus+Mule-Ucs

Yongtao Yang <yangyongtao@yahoo.com> writes:

> how about C u 100 all-hail-emacs ? 

aaaaaaaaaall-hail-emacs (didn't work ;)

(there used to be a M-x all-hail-emacs, but seems it vanished ...)

> AFAIK, you did not tell me how you read UTF-8, do you still need
> Mule_UCS? or for Emacs 21 it is not necessary?

by kungfu ;)

yeah i need mule-ucs to read utf-8 but mule-ucs is way too slow on my
box, so i save utf-8 on disk, then launch mozilla to read it. (i hate
outlook users sending me utf-8. btw. ;)

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