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Problem with pcmcia on kernel 2.4.5

I just upgraded my potato kernel 2.2.18pre21 to kernel-image-2.4.5-686 and pcmcia-cs to 3.1.25-3.

Now I found my pcmcia card not working with 2.4.5 kernel but working with older image. Inserting or ejecting the card has no consequences. At boot time the kernel seems not able to detect the card. The pcmcia-cs package suggests pcmcia-modules, but I could not find such a package, though there is a package named pcmica-modules-2.2.18pre21 installed for kernel 2.2.18pre21.

The doc says that 2.4.x kernel has built-in pcmcia capacity and pcmcia-cs package is not absolutely required.

Does anybody know how to solve the problem?


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