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I installed potato (2.2r3) on my inspiron 3800 with a netgear 510c
PCMCIA card.

I uses three disk (IDEPCI) for the initial phase of installation
(rescue, root, driver). Configured PCMCIA, the netgear 510c card works
with the driver on the driver disk. Use net(http) starting from
installing base. However, the default network setup is not working (my
fault), should have used network ip.ip.0.0 instead of ip.ip.ip.0,
which makes the route and gateway not working. (I did not knowing this
then, but fixed this by dropping into shell, and used ifconfig/route
to configure the network, this worked). Installing from here is
straight forward.

Shen, Jinwei

>>>>> "Jack" == Jack C Wu <jackcwu@msi.com.tw> writes:

Jack> 有沒有人用PCMCIA 網卡裝過Potato???
Jack> 我下載了IDEPCI裡的recsue.bin, root.bin. driver-1.bin來安裝,但沒成功

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