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Re: xdm problem

【 在 itrs@softwell.com.tw (Sam Lin) 的大作中提到: 】
: 天下无敌小拳王 wrote:
: >I followed itrs's method and add symbolic link for the ps2 mouse.
: >After reboot, it just keep fresh. May be the config got a too high fresh rate.
: >I have tried to Atl+Ctrl+BackSpace, but could not go back to console login
: >prompt. What should I do? I guess I should recover to console login first, 
: >before any further configuration on XF86Config, am I right?
: >thx
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: You should boot into runlevel 5 else ( example runlevel 3 )
: One method is
: Atl+Ctrl+BackSpace and type in: init 3 ( quickly ! )
: Another is telnet in and init 3
: The other is type in lilo boot prompt
: example:
: boot: <your kernel> 3
What should be the correct syntax? The label of linux insides is Linux.
I have tried "Linux 5" in lilo boot prompt but still got xdm.
Try to search at http://www.linux.org.hk/faq/index.cgi but seem the searching
cgi got some problems and could not search.


※ 来源 □ e-Fever BBS @ bbs.e-fever.org □ [From: cm61-18-2-20.hkcable]

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