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Re: [Q] Set up Chinese in Debian 2.2r2

Alex Wang 写道:
> Hi all
> Sorry for bothering you all...   :(
> I installed from 2.2r2 official CD last week and selected
> tasks-chinese-big5 (or something similar), and I set the
> .bashrc, .inputrc according to the Debian Chinese FAQ.
> But I still can't see Chinese in X Window.

Add this to  ~/.xsession

     exec <your favorite window manager>

> When I open xcin 2.3, I can see 英数 半形, but I can't
> type Chinese at all.

xcin 2.3 is too old.
Please change to use xcin2.5
You can use XCINterm (Big5), and it will open xcin and crxvt,
then you can type Chinese.

> Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong,
> or point me to a source of info please?
> Thanks very much

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