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Re: Partition...

>>>>> "ha" == ha shao <hashao@chinese.com> writes:

    ha> 分几个 partition 回更有灵活性。当然分的时候最好宽松一点。

The primary reason for multiple partition is that the partition can take
different mount options.  E.g., if a stable Debian system you can put most
directories in a read-only partition, which probably deny 90% of the
attempts to make a back-door in your system.  Or, you might want to disallow
SUID scripts from /tmp and /home directories.  These things need a separated

If you don't need all these, then it is best to have a single partition,
since that means you won't end up in a situation that while the root
partition is nearly empty, the home directory is full.

    ha> 不会浪费,128MB 的限制2.2.x 就没有了。最新的限制是多大不记得的,2GB
    ha> or 2TB?

man mkswap:

       The old setup wastes most of  this  bitmap  page,  because
       zero  bits denote bad blocks or blocks past the end of the
       swap space, and a simple integer suffices to indicate  the
       size  of the swap space, while the bad blocks, if any, can
       simply be listed. Nobody wants to use a  swap  space  with
       hundreds of bad blocks. (I would not even use a swap space
       with 1 bad block.)  In the new style  swap  area  this  is
       precisely what is done.  The maximum useful size of a swap
       area now depends on the architecture.  It is roughly  2GiB
       on  i386,  PPC,  m68k, ARM, 1GiB on sparc, 512MiB on mips,
       128GiB on alpha and 3TiB on sparc64.

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