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lyx-cjk Chinese Big5

I found your name from the lyx-cjk home page.


I'm running version 1.1.4fix3 of lyx and can't get it to work with
xcin.  I'm pretty certain xcin is configured correctly because crxvt is
working just fine.  When I try lyx-cjk, however, the input does not work
well -- I can see the xcin window change colors as I type, but it does
not behave normally as it does when entering letters for crxvt.  So
lyx-cjk is talking to xcin, but something is not quite right.  Any

If you don't know that's fine.  I have another question.  Let's assume I
do get xcin/lyx working, what's next for configuring lyx for Big5 ?  I
saw your reccommend lyxrc settings for fonts.  Is there anything else? 
Do you have a sample of a lyx Preamble?  Do you have a sample lyx
document that contains Big5 characters?  I do have a sample .tex file
that contains Big5 characters -- would it be difficult to turn that into
a .lyx file?

Thanks for you time and consideration.


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