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Re: FAQ... Swap partition... how big?

>>>>> "wen" == wen  <wen@japan.email.ne.jp> writes:

    volospin.bbs> something about double of the physical RAM?

Yes, if you run a 2.4 kernel this is what recommended.

    wen> FYI, it depends on how much your physical RAM is.  Generally
    wen> speaking, if your physical RAM > 64MB you should not make a swap
    wen> double of physical RAM.

Of course if you didn't managed to use up all the RAM (probably because you
shutdown too often), then you don't need a swap.  I'm running my desktop
with the top memory entries like this under Linux 2.4.2:

	Mozilla 0.8.1
	XFree86 4.0.2, tried my best to unload all the unneeded modules
	Emacs 20.7.2, using Gnus most of the time

I've got 128M RAM and was using 128M swap.  After 5 days of running I found
that swap is full and performance is significantly degraded, especially when
I switch to an application that is probably in swap.  After that I added a
swap file of 128M RAM.  So far it works quite good.

In Linux 2.4, things in RAM are mostly replicated in the swap.  That means
if you have 128M RAM and then 128M swap, most of the swap is useless, and
yo u are basically at exactly the same situation as when you use no swap at

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