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RE: Debian安装问题

>ln -s /usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86 /etc/X11/X才能运行startx,而且最要命的是设置好

First, check the first line of /etc/inittab, it should be:
"id:2:initdefault:" if it is not 2, maybe any number between 0 -5.
If it is 2, go to:


find the xdm or gdm, in my computer it is S99gdm. You can delete it and it
won't run the graphic login frontend.

You may interested how this work, let me explain it, if you already know,
then sorry about that.
In inittab, it is the runlevel of the system. rc?.d (? is 0 -5 in inittab)
is the "place" to execute the required program or script. S99 or S01, the
number is the priority of the running sequence, K01 - K99 is killing
sequence after logoff. Therefore, you can custom the rc2.d or rc3.d to
suitable your need to running server like setihome or xfs.

If you need your gdm back, you can find the script in /etc/init.d, then you
link it to rc?.d.

Correct me if I wrong. Hope this help and sorry for no Chinese, I don't know
any Chinese input method.

WK Yeung

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