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Re: 网上看到的...

Lamer 写道:
> 【 在 i@shellhung.org (Shell Hung) 的大作中提到: 】
> : "半个台湾人" 写道:
> : > 反正要给就整本厚到死, 做 Reference.
> : 可惜厚的也未不一定有用呢..
> : 其实哪一本都没关系, 反正每个distro都差不多, inetd还是inetd, apache也不会
> 1. not all distro use inetd from netkit.
> 2. i recommand roxen for new user
> 3. roothat defaults to sendmail while debian votes for exim.
So ?? Can you find another project called 'inetd' or 'xinetd' which
includes in Debian or other distro but using different settings (config
file, structure) ?? Can you find another Apache web server but not using
httpd.conf and included in any distro ? If yes, I have nothing to say...

This doesn't matter, sendmail is the sendmail from sendmail.org and not
others, using sendmail.cf ..etc, thur the config may have some
differents between any version, they're the same..

Distro itself is same (excepted styles), no matter which distro, users
can access apache.org to find out the same document to solving the
apache's problems..

I think you missed some points (miss-understood ?) in my reply...

    // Shell Hung

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