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Re: About wnn

wen> Thanks. Now I get xemacs21-mule-canna-wnn in unstable. Then from manual 
wen> Mule -> Select input method -> chanese-egg-pinyin
wen> but [注] is appeared in the modeline and pinyin does not work at all.
wen> Is it a bug?
SRDWXL> I guess so. The stable one I tried is very nice. I didn't see any problem in
SRDWXL> writing and viewing Chinese. 

Thanks. But even though I am back to stable the situation does not chang.
When I select chinese-egg-pinyin as input method [拼] should appear on the
modeline but not [注]. [注] means zhuyin method is loaded. I am not familiar
with zhuyin method but it also does not work I think. 



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