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Re: About wnn

hashao> > 我一直是用它们输日语, 特别是在Emacs中,很方便. 据说 Wnn 是可以输中文的,
hashao> > 不知哪位能用它在 Emacs 中成功地输入中文(简体/繁体).
hashao> > 
hashao> Wnn use its own protocol for input. Every client need to implement the
hashao> protocol. kterm, emacs-mule use it. It is only popular amount japanese.
hashao> Most other people use XIM style input server under X.
hashao> cWnn is a Chinese port of Wnn, okey, I think the
hashao> 	freewnn-cserver - Chinese input system
hashao> is what you are looking for.

Yes, you are right. But the problem is how to make use of it to input Chinese,
particularly in Emacs. I had tried many times but all failed. If someone know
how to do it please teach us. I hope freewnn-cserver is a useful and active 
tool for us to input Chinese. 





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