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Re: compile module problem....

这条问题,应该向 debian-user@lists.debian.org 发问吧?
尤其你还用了英文写……  ;-)

On Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 10:24:04PM +0800, Yakumo wrote:
> when i complie a module source "chardev.c" in debian 2.2r2 it show me a
> lot of error message
> but it's ok when I complie the same file in Redhat 6.1 
> Is it because gcc version??
> the gcc version:
> debian gcc:2.95.2
> redhat gcc:egcs-2.91.66
> what's the problem whit me  ?? 

我也不清楚。我在 Debian 上编译核心,没有遇上这个问题。
你用的是哪个版本的核心?会不会你 apply patch 时出错了,所以 chardev.c
本来就有错?你也确定安装了 kernel-package, make, bin86 等软体吗?


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