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Re: 关于声卡的问题!

--- Alex Lau <alex@DentonLive.DentonLive.com>
的正文:> wqinian rao wrote:
> >
> >             Enter command_line Arguments yamaba
> > please enter any command-line arguments for the
> op13sa
> > module,myany modules can antoprobe and do not
> require
> > additional parameters
> >
> Yes you usually don't need to add any command line
> parameter anymore nowaday. especially PCI card. It
> was mainly for ISA card configuration.... and I
> thank that's what ispnp for... anyway.. nowaday..
> the command line argument very not likely to be
> used.... not like the
> old day ( just from my experience compare the old
> and the new hardware)
> >
> >
> ok... are you rebuilding your kernel? M stand for
> module. if you build the sound card module support
> it will build the module alias and the module
> dependance. Without that core.. you can't support
> the resis of the sound card mixer, midi timer.. and
> stuff... :) so..
> pick and choise.
> Why not? Module mean it is not going to be in the
> kernel.. that's what microkernel for... if you are
> not sure your card are supported.. 3 thing you can
> do
> 1, Check the web site see you card is listed in alsa
> (so far the best sound support ... let me take it
> back.. opensound(the base of alsa)..but they need
> money)  http://www.alsa-project.org/


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