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Re: Re:gunpg --gen-key ÎÊÌâ

ha shao,你好!

我是telnet上去的,我敲了半天没反应,后来我又telnet,find *就可以了,看来他不读当前的输入。

在 00-12-19 上午 11:13:00 您写道:
>On Tue, Dec 19, 2000 at 10:43:59AM +0800, wgj@joyosoft.com wrote:
>> 我用 GnuPG , gpg --gen-key 想生成1024的key,结果有错误信息,不知为何?
>> We need to generate a lot of random bytes. It is a good idea to perform
>> some other action (type on the keyboard, move the mouse, utilize the
>> disks) during the prime generation; this gives the random number
>> generator a better chance to gain enough entropy.
>> +++++.+++++..++++++++++.++++++++++.+++++++++++++++..++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>> ++..+++++++++++++++++++++++++.+++++++++++++++.+++++++++++++++.+++++.............
>> ..................................>+++++....>.+++++..<..++++++++++
>> Not enough random bytes available.  Please do some other work to give
>> the OS a chance to collect more entropy! (Need 293 more bytes)
>> 看来是不是还要配置一下内核?
>看来 gpg 也要和和中文化一下. :)
>Best regard
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