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Re: Please check release-notes.sgml.01

On Sat, Dec 16, 2000 at 02:12:38AM +0900, wen@japan.email.ne.jp wrote:
> 各位好!
> 偷点懒,注释部分都没译。拜托大家校对一下!
> 由于不知到如何用Chinput打顿号有两处只好用逗号代替。
> 另外,下面的release-notes.sgml是否应写成release-notes.zh.sgml?
> <![ %powerpc [
>   <p>This is the first official release of &debian; for the &arch-title;
>   architecture. We feel that it has proven itself sufficiently to be
>   released. However, because it has not had the exposure (and hence testing
>   by users) that our other releases on other architectures have had, you may
>   encounter a few bugs. Please use our <url id="&url-bts;" name="bug
>   tracking system"> to report any problems; make sure to mention the fact
>   that the bug is on the &architecture; platform.
> ]]>

我的理解是,类似这种的 <![ XX [ ....]]> 应该是某一个结构体系专有的内容,
本身不是 sgml 的注释,应该是需要翻译的。

Best regard

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