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[boot trans] Re: Sorry to ask you again

Hi Alex,
On Thu, Dec 14, 2000 at 08:30:23PM -0600, alex@DentonLive.DentonLive.com wrote:
> I'm new in translating... but here is my install.sgml.zh
> not finished yet... but I just want to make sure I'm going to the right
> direction.

It is great! Welcome to the team. We need a lot of translators on
this project. Your help is greatly appreciated.

This project is currently a seperated project from the one for
translating the web. We do not have a CVS server (yet). I hope 
to have the first round translation finished in a short period
of time. So I will like to be the central control point here to
coordinate all the efferts. Our work will be commited
into the boot-floppy cvs after we have finished most translation
we can for now. We can then figure out a way to keep our translation
up to date with the boot-floppy cvs in the future.

So here is how we work for now:
1) send a mail to the mailing list at 
     debian-chinese-(big5|gb)@lists.debian.org to claim a file(s) 
2) download the file and do the translation.
3) send the translated file to the mailing list.
4) the translated file will be revised and sent to the list again(Mostly 
   from me for now) for further reviews.
5) I will collect the translations and integrate them. Then send our work
   to the cvs maintainer and have it checked in the cvs.
6) We will then decide how to do the maintainence in the future. Most likely
   we will have several maintainers who will maintain several locale versions
   of the translation and should cooperate closely with each others and 
Your translation is good. You really took care of the format very carefully. 
It is great. One thing you might want to consider is when we do translation 
on technical works, we need not mirror the expression too close toward the
original work. We can change the way of how the idea is told as long as
we keep it accurate and expressive. Well, it is mostly how I feel it should 

In Chinese, 信达雅: 信,准确,正确地反应原文的意思。达,达意,让读者,用


>       <title>
> Installing Debian GNU/Linux &release; For &arch-title;
> 安装 Debian GNU/Linux &release; 在 &arch-title;

安装 Debian GNU/Linux &release;  &arch-title 体系结构版;

>       <abstract>
> This document contains installation instructions for the Debian
> GNU/Linux &release; system, for the &arch-title; (``&architecture;'')
> architecture.  It also contains pointers to more information and
> information on how to make the most of your new Debian system.
> 这文件包含 Debian GNU/Linux &release; 系统在
> &arch-title; (``&architecture;'') 系统上的安装指令.同时亦包含
> 资料关于如何全面化你的新 Debian 系统.

这文件包含 Debian GNU/Linux &release; 系统在
&arch-title; (``&architecture;'') 系统上的安装指引.同时亦包含
关于如何全面掌握你的新 Debian 系统的资料.

> <![ %not-powerpc [
> <![ %not-arm [
> The procedures in this document are <em>not</em> to be used for
> users upgrading existing systems; if you are upgrading, see the
> 这文件内的装程序并"不是"给用者升级己存在的系统; 如若你是级用者, 请看

> <url id="&url-release-notes;" name="Release Notes for Debian &release;">.
> <url id="&url-release-notes;" name="发行笔记在 Debian &release;">.
> ]]>
> ]]>
>       </abstract>

Thanks again and cheers!

Best regard

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