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rescue: readme.txt_rescue

%%%%%%%%%%% 翻译

你可以在这个软盘上放入任何压缩的 Linux 内核,使用这个内核来启动。你需要
    设定内核时,加入这些功能(不要用模组方式): initrd, ramdisk, loop, 
        msdos, fat, elf, ext2f, procfs.
    编译内核时使用 "make bzImage"。
    改变目录到启动盘上,运行 ./rdev.sh 来设定内核。
    这一步是可选的:编辑文件 syslinux.cfg ,在 "DEFAULT" 行加入其他参数。
        也可以增加一个 "APPEND" 行,加入预设值以外的用户输入命令行参数。

    "man rdev"

    建立这个软盘和其它Debian启动盘文件的脚本程序是由软件包 boot-floppies 

- Bruce Perens, 12-March-1996

You can place any compressed Linux kernel on this disk, and it should boot.
To do so:
    Configure the kernel with the following facilities linked in: initrd,
	ramdisk, loop, msdos, fat, elf, ext2fs, procfs.
    Make your kernel with "make bzImage".
    Copy it to "linux" on the boot disk.
    Change directory to the boot disk and run ./rdev.sh to configure the kernel.
    Optionally, edit syslinux.cfg to add arguments to the "DEFAULT"
	line, or add an "APPEND" line with arguments to be appended to any
	user-typed command line as well as the default.

Documentation to read:
    "man rdev"

Source code:
    The scripts that create this disk and the other Debian bootstrap disks
    are installed in /usr/src/boot-floppies/ by the boot-floppies package.

- Bruce Perens, 12-March-1996

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