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rescue ÅÌ debian.txt ÇëУ¶Ô

一启动rescue 应该就看到的东西。使用了我现在开始也不太肯定是什么
的彩色码, linux  下,打:

syslinux2ansi < debian.txt > debian.ansi
cat debian.ansi

不直接放上来因为不是所有人的email client 都可以看 ansi

%%%%%%% 原件 %%%%%%%%%

                  0fWelcome to 0bDebian GNU/Linux __debianversion__0f!07

This is the Debian Rescue disk. Keep it once you have installed your system, 
as you can boot from it to repair the system on your hard disk if that ever
becomes necessary (press <09F307> for details).

On most systems, you can go ahead and press <09ENTER07> to begin installation.
You will probably want to try doing that before you try anything else.  If 
you run into trouble or if you already have questions, press <09F107> for 
quick installation help.

0fWARNING07: You should completely back up all of your hard disks before
    proceeding. The installation procedure can completely and 0cirreversibly07
    erase them! If you haven't made backups yet, remove the rescue disk 
    from the drive and press <09RESET07> or <09Control-Alt-Del07> to get back to
    your old system.

0bDebian GNU/Linux07 comes with 0fABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY07, to the extent 
permitted by applicable law. For copyright information, press <09F1007>.

This disk uses Linux __kernel_version__
    (from __kernel_image__)

Press <09F107> for help, or <09ENTER07> to boot.


%%%%%%%%% 翻译 %%%%%%%%%%%

                  0f欢迎使用0bDebian GNU/Linux __debianversion__0f系统!07

救急盘启动,然后对硬盘上的系统进行修复。请按 <09F307> 查阅详情。

问题,请按 <09F107> 查阅快速安装帮助。

彻底地而且0c不可逆转地irreversibly07删除所有数据! 如果您尚未备份,赶
紧从驱动器中取走救急盘然后按<09RESET07(重启键)> 或者<09Control-Alt-Del07> 重新启动回到您的原有系统上。

0bDebian GNU/Linux07的发布是0f绝对没有担保07的,其允许的程度可依照
相关的可使用法律。查阅版权信息,请按 <09F1007>。

本救急盘使用的内核为Linux __kernel_version__
    (来自 __kernel_image__)

请按 <09F107> 查阅帮助,或者按 <09回车键07> 启动。

Best regard

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