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dbootstrap.pot.2.b5 初步校对

请校对。eechi von akusyumi, 我收到了 .2, .3, 好象 .1 的后
半部分还没有收到。.3 我得明天再校了。 

我们目前缺 pot.1 的后半, pot.5 ,就把 .pot 完成了。剩下

README-User.m4 的后两部分,documentation 里的文件都还没有
人认领。这些文件相对来说比 pot 小一半,比较容易完成。


#: bootconfig.c:1346
msgid "Can't mkdir"
msgstr "不能建立目录 (mkdir)"

#: bootconfig.c:1353 floppy_modules.c:278 floppy_modules.c:305
#: floppy_modules.c:333
msgid "Cannot allocate memory. Stop"
msgstr "停止: 不能配置记忆体。"

#: bootconfig.c:1360
msgid "An error has occured during dd. Cannot continue"
msgstr "在 dd 的时候发生错误,不能继续"

#: bootconfig.c:1369
msgid "An error has occured during mkfs.ext2. Cannot continue"
msgstr "在 mkfs.ext2 的时候发生错误,不能继续"

#: bootconfig.c:1378
msgid "Cannot mount:"
msgstr "不能挂载"

#: bootconfig.c:1397
msgid "Can't open file for writing:"
msgstr "不能写入以下的档案:"

#: bootconfig.c:1419
msgid "Can't copy. Stop"
msgstr "停止: 不能复制"

#: bootconfig.c:1438
msgid "Can't open the 'mod-save' file. Please report this bug"
msgstr "不能开启 'mod-save',请报告这个错误。"

#: bootconfig.c:1460 bootconfig.c:1465 bootconfig.c:1470
msgid "Can't copy needed files"
msgstr "不能复制所需的档案"

#: bootconfig.c:1513
msgid ""
"Running LILO to make the kernel able to boot from the hard disk without a "
"boot floppy..."
msgstr ""
"正在执行 LILO 以令 Linux 可以从硬碟启动..."

#: bootconfig.c:1583
#, c-format
msgid ""
"A master boot record is required to boot the system.\n"
"If you are already using a boot manager, and want to keep it, answer \"No\" "
"to the following question. If you don't know what a boot manager is or "
"whether you have one, answer \"Yes\".\n"
"Install a master boot record on %s?"
msgstr ""
"要启动系统,您必需要有一个主启动记录 (MBR) ,如果您已经有一个启动管理程序,"
"而且想保留它的话,请答 \"No\" 否则, 请答 \"Yes\" 。\n"
"安装 MBR 吗?"

#: bootconfig.c:1585
msgid "Create Master Boot Record?"
msgstr "建立主启动记录 (MBR) 吗?"

#: bootconfig.c:1597
msgid ""
"The master boot record program that was just installed has features not "
"found in standard MBR programs.  A prompt can be triggered on startup by "
"holding down the shift key. It shows the active partition, followed by the "
"letters `F', for floppy, and `A', for advanced. You can press a number to "
"boot the active partition, or `F' to boot from the floppy drive. Pressing "
"`A' gets you a new prompt, this time listing all of the primary partitions "
"on the drive, not just the active ones. By default, if no key was pressed, "
"it boots into the first active partition on your harddisk. For more "
"information about this MBR program, and how you can customize its "
"configuration, please read the 'install-mbr' manual page."
msgstr ""
"触发一个提示符。 这个提示符包括活动分区、字母'F'(代表软磁片)和字母'A'(代表"
"进阶) 。 您可以输入一个数字去启动一个活动分区, 或者按'F'从磁片启动。 假如您"
"按下'A' , 您会得到另一个提示符。 这个提示符列出所有基本分区(包括非"
"活动分区) 。跟据预设值, 假如没有按下任何键便会从您的硬碟的第一个"
"活动分区启动。更多有关这个MBR程序的资料,和如何自定它的设定, 请参阅"
" 'install-mbr' 的说明文件。 "

#: bootconfig.c:1597
msgid "Important Information about the installed MBR"
msgstr "重要资讯 - 安装 MBR"

#: bootconfig.c:1613
#, c-format
msgid ""
"If you want the Debian system to boot automatically from the hard disk when "
"you turn your system on, answer \"Yes\" to the following question.\n"
"If you have another operating system that you'd prefer to be the one that "
"boots automatically, answer \"No\".\n"
"Boot the Debian system on %s as the default?"
msgstr ""
"如果您想在开机时预设地从硬碟进入 Debian,请打入 \"Yes\" , 否则,请打入 \"No\" 。"
"预设地进入 %s 上的 Debian 吗?"

#: bootconfig.c:1614
msgid "Make Linux the Default Boot Partition?"
msgstr "把 Linux 设定成预设的启动分区吗?"

#: bootconfig.c:1620
#, c-format
msgid ""
"You have selected not to boot Debian as the default. To boot into Debian, "
"you will need to hold down the SHIFT key on startup. When you see a prompt "
"that says 123F: (the numbers may be different, depending on your "
"configuration) enter %d (the root partition of your Debian installation). "
"This will only work if you have previously chosen to install the master boot "
msgstr ""
"您选择了不预设进入 Debian , 您如果想进入 Debian 的话,您将需要在启动时按住"
" Shift 键,当您看见类似 \"123F:\" 的提示符的时候请您输入 %d 。 (这只有在您"
"前面选择了安装 MBR 时适用)"

#: bootconfig.c:1621
msgid "How to boot into Debian"
msgstr "怎样启动 Debian"

#: bootconfig.c:1646
msgid ""
"Please boot the system using the rescue boot method and configure LILO "
msgstr ""
"请使用救援启动方式来启动电脑并手动设置 LILO"

#: bootconfig.c:1658
msgid ""
"The attempt to deduce what your boot disk is failed.  Please enter the name "
"of your boot disk, for instance, '/dev/hda' or '/dev/sda'."
msgstr ""
"安装程式并不能决定您的电脑是由那个硬碟启动的 - 请输入启动盘的设备名称 (格"
"式 /dev/hda 或 /dev/sda ...)"

#: bootconfig.c:1661
msgid "Choose Boot Disk"
msgstr "选择启动盘"

#: bootconfig.c:1663 bootconfig.c:1681
msgid "Invalid Boot Disk"
msgstr "不合法的启动盘"

#: bootconfig.c:1664
#, c-format
msgid "There is no block device '%s'."
msgstr "找不到 '%s' 这个设备"

#: bootconfig.c:1670
msgid "Install Lilo in the MBR (use this if unsure)."
msgstr "把 LILO 装入 MBR (如果不确定,请使用这个)"

#: bootconfig.c:1672
msgid "Install LILO in the root partition's boot sector."
msgstr "把 LILO 装入主分区的启动扇区"

#: bootconfig.c:1673
#, c-format
msgid ""
"LILO can be installed either into the master boot record (MBR), or into the "
"%s boot block. If installed into the MBR, LILO will take control of the boot "
"process. If you choose not to install LILO into the MBR, you will have the "
"opportunity later on to install an alternative MBR program (for "
"bootstrapping LILO).\n"
msgstr ""
"您可以在以下几个地方安装 LILO : \n"
"主启动记录(MBR) - LILO 将会控制整个启动程序\n"
"硬碟启动区 - LILO 将会安装在 %s 的启动区上"
"您如果把 LILO 安装在MBR的话,您以后还有可以安装其它 MBR 程序的机会"

#: bootconfig.c:1675
msgid "Where should the Lilo boot loader be installed?"
msgstr "请问我应在哪里安装 LILO 呢?"

#: bootconfig.c:1682
#, c-format
msgid ""
"There is no block device '%s'.  You need to try this step again with "
"different choices, or perhaps make the device by hand."
msgstr ""
"没有找到 '%s' 这个块设备 - 这表示您需要用别的选择重试这个步骤,"

#: bootconfig.c:1690
msgid ""
"With your current configuration, it will try to boot from a disk that is not "
"your first IDE or SCSI disk. It's possible that your BIOS doesn't support "
"Do you want to install the MBR anyway?"
msgstr ""
"以现在的设置来看,您没有把 LILO 安装在第一个 SCSI 或是 IDE 的硬盘内,"
"您的 BIOS有可能不支援这样做。\n"
"您确定这样安装 MBR 吗?"

#: bootconfig.c:1699
msgid ""
"With your current configuration, it will try to boot from your first SCSI "
"disk, but your system has also a master IDE disk at the primary IDE "
"controller. It's possible that your BIOS doesn't support that.\n"
"Do you want to install the MBR anyway?"
msgstr ""
"以现在的设置来看,您把 LILO 安装在第一个 SCSI 硬盘内,但是您第一个 IDE 配接"
"器上还有一个 IDE 硬盘,您的 BIOS 有可能不支援这样做。\n"
"您确定这样安装 MBR 吗?"

#: bootconfig.c:1720
msgid ""
"LILO wasn't able to install. You'll still be able to boot your system if you "
"create a boot floppy, but it won't be able to boot without a floppy.\n"
"The most common reason why LILO fails is trying to boot a kernel that "
"resides at a location on the disk higher than the 1023rd cylinder. With "
"older BIOS, LILO is unable to load any block of the kernel from a disk "
"cylinder numbered higher than 1023. This is often a problem with disks "
"larger than 524MB or so. One way to solve the problem is to make a small "
"(5-10Mb) partition at the beginning of the disk and mount it on \"/boot\", "
"so that the entire \"/boot\" partition will be below the 1023rd cylinder. "
"Please refer to the installation manual for further information.\n"
msgstr ""
"不能安装 LILO,但您仍然可以使用安装 Debian 时建立的磁盘来启动系统。"
"但您将不能使用硬碟启动,这通常是由于 LILO 尝试载入一个安装在硬盘的"
"1023 磁柱以上的核心导致的。对于旧版的 BIOS ,LILO 是无法载入一个"
"安装在 1023 磁柱以上的核心的。这种情况经常出现在大于524MB的硬盘上。"
"一个解决方法是在硬碟的前端建立一个小型的分割(5-10 MB) ,然后"
"把它挂到 \"/boot\" 上,这样这个分割就都在 1023 磁柱以下了。请参阅"

#: bootconfig.c:1742
msgid ""
"VMELILO wasn't able to install. You'll still be able to boot your system if "
"you create a boot floppy, but it won't be able to boot without a floppy."
msgstr ""
"不能安装 VMELILO,您仍然可以使用安装 Debian 时建立的磁盘来启动系统。"

#: bootconfig.c:1749
msgid "Installing a boot loader is not yet possible for Debian/m68k"
msgstr "目前还不支持在 Debian/m68k上安装 boot manager 。"

#: bootconfig.c:1776
msgid "Installing QUIK is not yet possible for Debian/PowerPC"
msgstr "目前还不支持在 Debian/PowerPC 上安装 QUIK 。"

#: bootconfig.c:1785
msgid ""
"SILO wasn't able to install. You'll still be able to boot your system if you "
"create a boot floppy, but it won't be able to boot without a floppy."
msgstr ""
"不能安装 SILO ,您仍然可以使用安装 Debian 时建立的磁盘来启动系统"

#: bootconfig.c:1794
msgid ""
"aboot wasn't able to install.  Most likely this is because your first "
"partition overlaps the area where aboot was to be written. Either "
"repartition your disk and try again, or boot the system using the rescue "
"boot method and install aboot manually."
msgstr ""
"不能安装 aboot ,这通常是因为您的第一个分割跟 aboot 要写入的位置重叠,"
"您可以从新分割硬碟后再试,或者以救援启动方法启动然后用人手安装 "
"aboot 。"

#: bootconfig.c:1828
msgid ""
"The MILO and APB bootloaders must reside on a FAT partition in order to be "
"read by ARC/AlphaBIOS firmware.  You appear not to have any DOS FAT "
"partitions.  This means you will not be able to boot directly from disk.\n"
msgstr ""
"MILO 以及 APB 等启动程序必需装在一个 FAT 分割上,因为 ARC/AlphaBIOS 的"
"韧件只能读取 FAT 分割。您没有 DOS 的 FAT 分割,所以您将不能够用硬碟启动\n"

#: bootconfig.c:1832
msgid "No FAT partitions detected"
msgstr "侦测不到 FAT 分割"

#: bootconfig.c:1835
msgid "Select a FAT partition to install MILO or APB on"
msgstr "请选择一个 FAT 分割来安装 MILO 或 APB 。"

#: bootconfig.c:1836 choose_medium.c:1034 partition_config.c:413
#: partition_config.c:533 partition_config.c:585 select_not_mounted.c:177
#: select_not_mounted.c:178 select_not_mounted.c:179
msgid "Select Partition"
msgstr "选择分割"

#: bootconfig.c:1851
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%s wasn't able to install. You'll still be able to boot your system from the "
"disk you used to boot the Debian installer."
msgstr ""
"不能安装 %s ,您仍然可以使用您用来启动 Debian 安装程序的磁盘来启动您的系统。"

#: bootconfig.c:1861
msgid "You need to set NeTTrom yourself, sorry"
msgstr "对不起,您必需手动设定 NeTTrom 。"

#: boxes.c:145
msgid "Please Wait"
msgstr "请稍候片刻"

#: boxes.c:285 floppy_modules.c:278 floppy_modules.c:298 floppy_modules.c:305
#: floppy_modules.c:316 floppy_modules.c:333 floppy_modules.c:344
#: floppy_modules.c:353 floppy_modules.c:480
msgid "Error"
msgstr "错误"

#: boxes.c:318
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "是"

#: boxes.c:318
msgid "No"
msgstr "不是"

#: boxes.c:333 boxes.c:565 net-fetch.c:278
msgid "Ok"
msgstr "确定"

#: boxes.c:363
msgid "<Up>/<Down> between elements   |  <Enter> selects"
msgstr "您可以使用上下键来移动        |  按回车键选择"

#: boxes.c:620
msgid ""
"<Up>/<Down> between elements | <Enter> select zone or change dir | <Tab> "
"next "
msgstr ""
"您可以使用上下键来移动 | 按 回车键 选择时区或改变目录 | <Tab> 键"

#: boxes.c:626
msgid "Select Timezone"
msgstr "选择时区"

#: boxes.c:658
msgid "Directories:"
msgstr "目录: "

#: boxes.c:671
msgid "Timezones:"
msgstr "时区: "

#: boxes.c:769 boxes.c:1019
msgid "OK"
msgstr "确定"

#: boxes.c:879 choose_medium.c:265
#, c-format
msgid "The supplied directory %s does not exist. Please enter a new one."
msgstr "您输入的目录 %s 不存在,请重新输入。"

#: boxes.c:880 choose_medium.c:266
msgid "Directory Error"
msgstr "目录错误"

#: boxes.c:1323
msgid ""
"Please add all parameters that the kernel needs at boot time. These "
"parameters are required if you have to turn off builtin drivers that make "
"the kernel fail or to configure others.\n"
"Example: ibmmcascsi=1 aha152x=0x340,9\n"
msgstr ""
"例如: ibmmcascsi=1 aha152x=0x340,9\n"

#: boxes.c:1328 main_menu.c:167 main_menu.c:473 main_menu.c:482
#: main_menu.c:501 main_menu.c:525 main_menu.c:533 main_menu.c:554
msgid "Edit Kernel Boot Parameters"
msgstr "修改核心启动参数"

#: choose_medium.c:72
msgid "/dev/fd0  : first floppy drive"
msgstr "/dev/fd0  : 第一个软碟机"

#: choose_medium.c:79
msgid "/dev/fd1  : second floppy drive"
msgstr "/dev/fd1  : 第二个软碟机"

#: choose_medium.c:87
msgid "/dev/sfd0 : SCSI floppy drive"
msgstr "/dev/sfd0 : SCSI 软碟机"

#: choose_medium.c:95
#, c-format
msgid "Please select the floppy drive you will use to read the %s."
msgstr "请选择您将用来读取 %s 的软碟机。"

#: choose_medium.c:96
msgid "Select Floppy Disk Drive"
msgstr "请选择软碟机。"

#: choose_medium.c:109
#, c-format
msgid "Please place the %s in the %s floppy drive."
msgstr "请把 %s 放入 %s 软碟机。"

#: choose_medium.c:114
msgid "Please insert disk"
msgstr "请放入磁片"

#: choose_medium.c:130
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Unable to mount the %s.  You may have inserted the wrong floppy.  Please try "
msgstr ""
"不能挂载 %s 。您可能放入了错误的软盘,请重试。"

#: choose_medium.c:139 choose_medium.c:165
#, c-format
msgid ""
"This is not the %s. Please place the %s in the %s floppy drive and try again."
msgstr ""
"这并非 %s 。 请把 %s 放入 %s 软碟机然后重试。"

#: choose_medium.c:149
msgid "Cannot open /floppy/type.txt "
msgstr "不能开启 /floppy/type.txt"

#: choose_medium.c:156
msgid "Cannot read /floppy/type.txt "
msgstr "不能读取 /floppy/type.txt"

#: choose_medium.c:162
#, c-format
msgid ""
"This floppy is for booting only. You need the standard %s disk for "
msgstr ""

#: choose_medium.c:171 floppy_merge.c:178
msgid "Wrong Floppy!"
msgstr "错误磁盘!"

#: choose_medium.c:219
msgid "default  : The default stable Archive"
msgstr "预设 : 预设的稳定 Debian 包"

#: choose_medium.c:220
msgid "list     : Choose from a list of all Archive paths"
msgstr "列表 : 从列表选择 Debian 包的路径。"

#: choose_medium.c:222
msgid "manually : Enter the directory containing the Archive files"
msgstr "手动 : 手动输入 Debian 包的目录位置。"

#: choose_medium.c:231
msgid "Please choose the directory where the Debian archive resides."
msgstr "请选择 Debian 包的所在目录。"

#: choose_medium.c:250
msgid "Choose Debian archive path"
msgstr "选择 Debian 包的路径"

#: choose_medium.c:279
msgid "the kernel and modules"
msgstr "核心以及可载入模组"

#: choose_medium.c:283
msgid "the Base system"
msgstr "基础系统"

#: choose_medium.c:288
msgid "MILO and linload.exe"
msgstr "MILO 及 linload.exe"

#: choose_medium.c:292
msgid "APB and PALcode"
msgstr "APB 以及 PALcode"

#: choose_medium.c:323
#, c-format
msgid "no file '%s' found, kernel not in default location"
msgstr "系统核心并非在预设的位置,找不到档案 %s 。"

#: choose_medium.c:342
#, c-format
msgid "no file '%s' found, Debian Archive not in default location"
msgstr "Debian 包并非在预设的位置,找不到档案 %s 。"

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