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Re: dbootstrap.pot -8 (Big5)

	sorry, 刚刚发现少翻了一句.....

On Sat, 9 Dec 2000, gis88564 wrote:
> 	刚刚翻完了 dbootstrap.pot 的第 8 部份, 有些句子怪怪的,
> 	可能要看一下 source code 校对会比较顺一点.
> 	看了前面几篇已经翻完的, 我想两边用的名词和文法满多地方
> 	都不太一样, 看来两岸一起翻, 应该只能算第一阶段, 之后大
> 	家还是得分开维护, 有人有什么想法吗?
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#: reboot_system.c:19
msgid ""
"If you are ready to reboot the system, you should have the boot floppy (if "
"you created one) in the first floppy drive, or no floppy in the first floppy "
"drive if you want to boot directly from the hard disk, or the Debian Rescue "
"floppy if you want to reboot the installation system.\n"
"Please take care of that before you answer \"Yes\" to the following "
"Reboot the system?"
msgstr ""
"如果你已经准备好重新启动系统, 请在第一个软碟机中放你刚刚所建立的开机片. 或者"
在第一个软碟机中不要放磁片, 直接用硬碟来开机, 如果想重新启动安装系统, 可以把"
 Debian 救护磁片放在第一个软碟机.\n"
"下列问题中, 在回答 \"是\" 之前, 请特别小心.\n"

#: reboot_system.c:19 reboot_system.c:22
msgid "Reboot the system?"
msgstr "重新启动系统"

#: reboot_system.c:22
msgid ""
"Since you've booted from the first floppy drive without using the RAM disk, "
"please keep the Installation Root Disk in the drive until the system "
"reboots. Then remove it, and press the <RESET> button on your system.\n"
"Reboot the system?"
msgstr ""
"你已经用第一个软碟机开机, 而且没有使用 RAM disk 的功能, "
"在系统重新启动之前, 请把安装主磁碟片放在磁碟机中. "
"然后拿出来, 并且按下您系统上的 <RESET> 按键.\n"

#: reboot_system.c:55
msgid ""
"The system configuration will continue after the system starts in the newly "
"installed setup.\n"
"Note, this bypasses a normal reboot, which means boot loader problems may "
"not be apparent until you actually do reboot the system.\n"
"Start the new system?"
msgstr ""
"当系统进入已安装的最新设定程式时, 系统组态将会继续.\n"
"注意, 这个步骤跳过了正常的重新开机, 也就是说, 除非你真的重新启动系统, 否则不会有开机载入器的问题.\n"

#: reboot_system.c:55
msgid "Start the new system?"
msgstr "开始新的系统?"

#: reboot_system.c:87
msgid "Sending signal to `init' to initiate system start...\n"
msgstr "送讯号给 `init' 开始启动系统...\n"

#: reboot_system.c:94
msgid ""
"Could not setup init-chroot for starting the new system. Try simply "
"rebooting instead (this is not a bug).\n"
msgstr ""
"无法建立 init-chroot 以开始新的系统. 重新开机试试看 (这不是 bug).\n"

#: reboot_system.c:95
msgid "System start failed"
msgstr "系统无法启动"

#: release_notes.c:41
msgid "Release Notes"
msgstr "发行注意事项"

#: select_not_mounted.c:88
msgid "select an NFS server"
msgstr "选择一个 NFS 伺服器"

#: select_not_mounted.c:103
#, c-format
msgid "No %s partitions that had not already been mounted were detected."
msgstr "没有找到还没被挂上来的 %s 分割区."

#: select_not_mounted.c:106
msgid "No partitions that had not already been mounted were detected."
msgstr "没有找到还没被挂上来的分割区."

#: select_not_mounted.c:148
msgid "Network configuration required"
msgstr "需要设定网路组态"

#: select_not_mounted.c:155
msgid ""
"Please choose the NFS server and the mount path of the NFS filesystem.\n"
"Enter them in this way:  server:/path"
msgstr "请选择 NFS 伺服器和 NFS 档案系统的 mount path.\n"
"输入时依这个格式:  伺服器:/路径"

#: select_not_mounted.c:155
msgid "Choose NFS filesystem"
msgstr "选择 NFS 档案系统"

#: select_not_mounted.c:178
msgid ""
"The root filesystem is installed in a logical partition. LILO can't boot "
"from there, so you must install LILO in one of the following extended "
"partitions. Please select the partition to use."
msgstr ""
"主档案系统已经被安装在逻辑分割区. LILO 无法从该处启动, "
"所以您必须在下列的延伸分割区中选择其中一个来安装 LILO. "

#: tzconfig.c:98 tzconfig.c:99
#, c-format
msgid "Error: Unable to open %s.\n"
msgstr "错误: 无法开启 %s.\n"

#: tzconfig.c:101
msgid "Error: Unable to open the directory.\n"
msgstr "错误: 无法开启目录.\n"

#: tzconfig.c:102 tzconfig.c:225 tzconfig.c:239 tzconfig.c:266
msgid "Timezone Config Error"
msgstr "时区设定错误"

#: tzconfig.c:104
msgid ""
"Please select the appropriate location in the world in which you live.  We "
"suggest you use the left pane to specify your time zone by country or "
msgstr ""
"请选择您所生活的地方在这世界上最适合的位置. "
"您在设定时区时, 我们建议您透过左边的面板以国家或大陆的方式来指定."

#: tzconfig.c:105 tzconfig.c:302
msgid "Timezone Configuration"
msgstr "时区组态"

#: tzconfig.c:225
msgid "The base system has not yet been installed."
msgstr "基本系统还没有安装."

#: tzconfig.c:238 tzconfig.c:265
#, c-format
msgid "Could not stat file %s."
msgstr "无法 stat 档案 %s."

#: tzconfig.c:290
msgid ""
"Unix system clocks are generally set to GMT (\"Greenwich Mean Time\", also "
"known as Universal Coordinated Time, or UTC).  The operating system knows "
"your time zone and convert system time into the local time.  You can choose "
"whether the hardware clock should be set to either GMT (recommended for a "
"Linux-only system) or local time (which may be more convenient for a system "
"that also run other operating systems).\n"
"The hardware clock says the time is now\n"
msgstr ""
"Unix 系统时间一般都设成 GMT (\"格林威治时间\", 也就是全球标准时间, 或 UTC). "
"然后, 作业系统透过您的时区, 把系统时间转换成当地时间. "
"你可以选择把硬体时间设成 GMT (建议在只有 Linux 的电脑上使用) "
"或是当地时间 (建议在有其他作业系统的电脑上使用).\n"

#: tzconfig.c:291
msgid "Will the hardware clock be set to GMT?"
msgstr "把硬体时间设成 GMT?"

#: util.c:386
#, c-format
msgid "Failed while saving dbootstrap settings in %s"
msgstr "把 dbootstrap 设定储存到 %s 中时, 发生错误"

#: util.c:448
msgid "  Press Ctrl-C to interrupt."
msgstr "  按下 Ctrl-C 中断."

#: util.c:828
msgid ""
"You have bootstrapped the Installation Root Disk without using the RAM disk. "
"If this is a low-memory installation, that's OK, but the installation is "
"going to run a whole lot slower this way. If you didn't intend to boot "
"without the RAM disk, it probably happened because you didn't have the root "
"floppy inserted when the system first asked for it at boot time. You might "
"want to reboot with the RAM disk if that's the case."
msgstr ""
"你已经启动安装主磁碟, 但没有使用 RAM disk. "
"如果是低记忆体安装, 那没有问题, 但是安装的时间将会很久. "
"没有使用 RAM disk 的原因, 可能是当系统刚启动时, 需要主磁片, 而你却没有放入所造成. "
"如果你希望用 RAM disk 请重新开机."

#: util.c:828
msgid "No RAM Disk?"
msgstr "没有 RAM Disk?"

#: util.c:870
msgid "Memory full!"
msgstr "记忆体已满!"

#: net-fetch.c:225
#, c-format
msgid "Unknown protocol '%s' used in the URL."
msgstr "URL 中使用未知的协定 '%s'"

#: net-fetch.c:252
msgid ""
"Please provide the URL from which to download the installation files.  If "
"you have a proxy server, fill that out as well; otherwise, leave it set to "
msgstr ""
"请提供下载安装档案的 URL."
"如果您有 Proxy 伺服器的话, 请填写您的 Proxy 伺服器; 如果没有 Proxy 伺服器, 请让它保留 'none'.\n"

#: net-fetch.c:255
msgid "Select Installation Server"
msgstr "选择安装伺服器"

#: net-fetch.c:269
msgid "Download URL"
msgstr "下载 URL"

#: net-fetch.c:272
msgid "Proxy"
msgstr "Proxy"

#: net-fetch.c:274
msgid "Port"
msgstr "埠"

#: net-fetch.c:280
msgid "Help"
msgstr "辅助说明"

#: net-fetch.c:291
msgid ""
"Debian supports installing drivers and the base system over the Internet.  "
"Currently, only HTTP retrieval is supported.\n"
"Please enter some information so that the files can be retrieved.\n"
"Download URL: the URL of the directory containing the file to be downloaded. "
" The default location should work on Debian standard servers.\n"
"Proxy: a proxy server to use to fetch the URL, or \"none\" if you don't need "
"Port: the port that the proxy server listens on."
msgstr ""
"Debian 支援从网路安装驱动程式和基本系统. "
"目前只支援透过 HTTP 安装.\n"
"请输入取得这些档案时所需的资料. \n"
"下载 URL: 存放下载档案的目录的 URL. "
" 预设的位址可以使用在标准的 Debian 伺服器上.\n"
"Proxy: 取得 URL 时所用的 proxy 伺服器, 如果不需要 \"none\".\n"
"埠: proxy 伺服器所用的埠."

#: net-fetch.c:292
msgid "Help For Network Installation"
msgstr "网路安装的辅助说明"

#: net-fetch.c:334
msgid "Stop"
msgstr "停止"

#: net-fetch.c:375
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Fetching    %s\n"
"Server      %s://%s:%d/\n"
"Path        %s\n"
msgstr ""
"正在取得    %s\n"
"伺服器      %s://%s:%d/\n"
"路径        %s\n"

#: net-fetch.c:384
#, c-format
msgid "Proxy       %s://%s:%d/\n"
msgstr "Proxy       %s://%s:%d/\n"

#: net-fetch.c:388
msgid "Proxy       none\n"
msgstr "Proxy       none\n"

#: net-fetch.c:392
#, c-format
msgid "File size   %ld bytes\n"
msgstr "档案大小    %ld 位元组\n"

#: net-fetch.c:394
msgid "Installing From Network"
msgstr "正从网路上安装中"

#: net-fetch.c:419
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Bytes read  %ld bytes\n"
"Rate        %ld bytes/sec\n"
"ETA         %s\n"
msgstr ""
"已读位元组  %ld 位元组\n"
"速度        %ld 位元组/秒\n"
"ETA         %s\n"

#: net-fetch.c:538
msgid "Directory creation failed"
msgstr "无法建立目录"

#: net-fetch.c:539
#, c-format
msgid "There was a problem creating the directory %s."
msgstr "建立目录 %s 时发生错误."

#: net-fetch.c:546
msgid ""
"Going to download the following files over a HTTP connection:\n"
msgstr ""
"正透过 HTTP 连线下载下列档案:\n"

#: net-fetch.c:552
msgid "Fetching installation files over the network"
msgstr "正透过网路取得安装档案"

#: net-fetch.c:584
#, c-format
msgid "Download failed for the file '%s'."
msgstr "下载档案 '%s' 时发生错误."

#: net-fetch.c:602
#, c-format
msgid "Installation of the file '%s' failed."
msgstr "安装档案 '%s' 时发生错误."

#: http-fetch.c:141
msgid "Are you sure you want to cancel this download?"
msgstr "你确定要取消这个下载吗?"

#: http-fetch.c:141
msgid "Cancel download"
msgstr "取消下载"

#: http-fetch.c:250
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Resolving %s via DNS ...  If there is an error it will eventually time out "
"and return control."
msgstr ""
"透过 DNS 反解 %s 中...  如果有错误发生, 将会中止且交回控制权."

#: http-fetch.c:282
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Connecting to %s ...  If there is an error it will eventually time out and "
"return control."
msgstr ""
"正连线到 %s 中...  如果发生错误, 将会中止且交回控制权."

#: http-fetch.c:308
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Requesting %s ...  If there is an error it will eventually time out and "
"return control."
msgstr ""
"正在取得 %s 中... 如果发生错误, 将会中止且交回控制权."

#: http-fetch.c:338
msgid "Previous download detected. Attempt to resume?"
msgstr "侦测到上次的下载. 尝试恢复?"

#: http-fetch.c:339
msgid "Resume download?"
msgstr "恢复下载?"
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