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gb 18030 mapping available (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 11:27:46 -0800 (GMT-0800)
From: Markus Scherer <markus.scherer@jtcsv.com>
To: Unicode List <unicode@unicode.org>
Subject: gb 18030 mapping available

Hi all,

Yesterday, I received the re-released mapping table for GB 18030.
I updated the ICU implementation with this, in time for ICU 1.7.


George and I also converted the mapping data into XML format, using the new <range> element that was accepted at the last UTC meeting to avoid listing 1.1 million assignments.
You will find this data linked from the ICU homepage, http://oss.software.ibm.com/icu/ - see "News/Events" on the right side.

Note that single surrogates are not mapped any more, and that the Euro sign was moved from GB+80 to GB+A2E3. There are no fallback mappings any more, only roundtrip mappings.


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