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some question concerning about chinese support on debian..

I'm a linux user from Hong Kong, and i've been using slink, just a few days
ago, i downloaded the base system and boot disk and installed potato through
www.debian.org.hk/debian frozen, and just after installing the distribution,
i'm having several problems...

1) xa+cv cannot work in the default installation, and display a message
saying "symbol not found" and the symbol they want was "XInternAtom", in
warp.so. I've tried to fetch the source to compile it too, but it didn't
work either. ** this happens when i type chinese.

2) after configuring xfs-xtt to use the chinese true type font, when i open
netscape/mozilla, and try to access the font arphic-* (i.e. setting the font
in preference), the X will halt and i have to kill it, and the xfs-xtt will
exit itself too, after that, there would be a message stating signal 11..
which means hardware error.. but seems it's not the case (there is a core
dump too, but there is no stack)

3) after configuring the chinese font and locale with cpanel, i've installed
mozilla, and when i open the newsgroup, the font is pretty awful, and there
is 2 font mixing with each other. how can i resolve that?

please help me...


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