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Maybe someone working at xcin can take a look at it.

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Date: Monday, July 24, 2000, 9:02:26 PM
Subject: [Render] fonts

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>> One shared concern they had was that they wanted it not to be trivial for
>> X users to take the fonts and use them on Windows.

ML> This seems like a bizarre requirement.  FreeType can use Windows
ML> TrueType fonts.  I paid for those fonts when I bought my machine.
ML> I should have rights to use them in whatever context I wish, as
ML> long as it is a single use at a time on one machine and I am not
ML> distributing the fonts.

I don't think that's what Keith was speaking about.

There is a lot of sympathy for Free software among font designers.
The ones I've met would be glad to contribute fonts for Free systems.

The XFree86 license is, however, not acceptable for them.  First of
all, they are intent on preserving the rights on the design and
realisation of their fonts in order to avoid the creation of poorly
modified versions.  Furthermore, they are usually not thrilled about
the idea that someone might take the fonts they donate to XFree86,
repackage them for Windows, and redistribute them.

I am very glad that we managed to work out with Chuck Bigelow a
license that was acceptable both for him and the core team (see
LICENSE.BH in the Type 1 directory); it was hard work both for us and
for him.  Note however that this license only applies to the Lucidux
fonts, which B&H does not commercialise on other platforms, and would
not be suitable for the Lucida fonts.


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