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Re: reading chinese in w3m

On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 12:44:06PM +1000, Shao Zhang wrote:
>     Does anyone here read sina.com.cn or sina.com.hk? I am having some
>     problems of reading this site using w3m and cxterm/crxvt.
>     The main page looks fine, but when going into individual news item,
>     there are always one or more lines that are unreadable. Is there any
>     tricks in w3m to fix this?

  我不清楚,但据前一阵子一个访问里,w3m 作者说 w3m 目前只支持
英文和日文。就是说,像中文等双字节的语言,w3m 大概不懂如何正确分行,
甚或把一些字元滤掉了。"Links" 文本浏览器也有相似的问题。

  中文支持最好的文本浏览器,大概要数 Lynx 了。按 "O"ption,
里面可选 "Chinese"、"Taipei (Big5)" 等 "Display character set",
也可以增设以下两项 (content negotiation??):

  Preferred document character set : Big5, GB2312_____________________
  Preferred document language      : zh_HK, zh_TW, zh_CN, zh, en______

详情请见 Lynx 的说明文档。

>     I have also tried with the latest nightly build of mozilla, it
>     displays chinese correctly a lot better than w3m, but in some
>     occasions, it has the same problem as well.

  Mozilla 应该不会有相同问题。您有设好 character set 吗?
不过 Mozilla 有 bug 也说不定。我不常用 Mozilla。


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