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Re: emacs ,?????????

Some people would take offense on everything. To be honest I don't 
like western hard-core humor like that. However, I don't have that 
much moral reputation to judge such things; well, who has? :)

So let it be. Just don't use it. Its name explain clearly.

Just my two cents.

On 23 Jul 00, at 19:12, zw@zhaoway.com wrote:

what a sh*t!
On Sun, Jul 23, 2000 at 01:18:46AM -0600, Anthony Fok wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 23, 2000 at 10:40:32AM +0800, Wan Hing Wah wrote:
> > /usr/share/emacs/$version/sex.6

you don't have sex in your life?!?!?!

> > /usr/share/emacs/$version/condom.1

you don't use condom when you fuck?!?!?!

> > /usr/share/emacs/$version/celibacy.1

sorry i dunno this word.

> > should the package maintainer remove them?

anyway, it's up to the one who do the work...

but in whatever occasions i will piss off a person
who think something they do nearly everyweek or
even everyday as such a thing that they cannot
face the words mention it!!

no regards,

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