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Proposal to remove debian-zh-faq package

Hello all,

We have "debian-zh-faq" package in Debian Chinese Team. This package [1] lacks 
care from maintainers (maintainer retired already, last upload 5 years ago) 
while its contents are largely outdated. I think it's time for us to get rid 
of this package.

Here is the plan. First, we file bugs against tasksel to remove its existence 
in the dependency list of task-chinese-*. Then we file an RM bug against Debian 
Archive to remove it from unstable/testing.

I would like to wait for one month before taking concrete actions so that we 
have enough time to discuss and collect ideas about this change.

If anyone gets interested in refactoring the whole source package, please let 
me know. With enough manpower, this package can be revived.

Though this package is not in good shape, there are still needs to collect and 
place Chinese-specific usage FAQ somewhere for Chinese users as a reference. 
Maybe we could find some collaborator-friendly platform to host contents 
(Debian Wiki? Sth. else?).

[1] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/debian-zh-faq

Boyuan Yang

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