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Re: Bug#237723: Please fix the gateway between debian-chinese-* lists.

On Sat, 6 Aug 2011 07:11:09 +0200, Alexander Wirt says:
> I am currently wading through some old lists.d.o bugreports. Is this problem
> still relevant? And if yes, would you care to explain what is the problem?
> (I am currently don't having a clue about what the report is and how this
> "gateway" should work).

There used to be a script running to repost any mail sent to debian-chinese-gb 
or debian-chinese-big5 between each other many many years ago. Meanwhile, the 
email encoding is converted according to the maillist (GB2312/GBK for debian-
chinese-gb, and BIG5 for debian-chinese-big5).

I believe the converting is no longer necessary now. Since UTF-8 has become 
the de facto email encoding, we don't really need GB- and BIG5 encoding 

However, I'm not sure if cross posting is still needed.

Boyuan Yang

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