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Re: Soft call for translating the Release Notes


Le 02/05/2013 11:06, Andrei POPESCU a écrit :

> Watch this space for more updates!

Thanks Andrei for your call for translation!

As one can see in the statistics:
eleven translations are already up to date (and I notice many of them
continue to get updated, thanks to your continuous proofread and other
QA), and two other are very close: hopefully the Slovak and Swedish
translation may be ready for the 7.1 update targeted roughly one month
after the release.

The other translations (all bellow 60% of completion) have been
deactivated, hopefully, we’ll be able to activate them back soon if they
get updated.

The release notes didn’t make it in the official 7.0 CDs and DVDs due to
a technical issue, hopefully, they should make it in 7.1 (at least in
the DVDs).



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