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Re: Soft call for translating the Release Notes

Quoting Andrei POPESCU (andreimpopescu@gmail.com):
> Hey Release Notes Translators,                                                                                                                          
> While the Release Notes are not frozen yet, the target release date is 
> approaching *fast*! You might want to start working on paragraphs that 
> have been added or gather your troops for the last minute sprint.
> Watch this space for more updates!

Please all notice that this is a *very* fast moving target. Don't
forget to make use of the "previous" feature un PO files which helps
(with smart PO files editors) identifying what has been changed in a
string. Many recent changes are indeed improvements to English and
therefore do not need translation changes (unfortunately, Julien
Cristau who does a tremendous job in polishing the release notes, has
no time to unfuzzy translations....so we have to run after him).

I try to refresh PO files as fast as possible when I notice committed
changes to English files.


If you don't have commit access, please feel free to point us at
updated translations or send them as a bugreport against the
"release-notes" package.

But hurry up.....

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