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Re: debian-installer: Please (once again) complete sublevel 6 for Debian Installer

I've created an etherpad to start work of at
Inform me if you can't get access to this link

 V字龍 | Vdragon

2012/7/14 Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>

Sorina Sandu's GSOC work about link detection and wireless network
selection in D-I has been merged into the main repository for netcfg.

This involves some templates changes. These will not be included in
D-I beta1 which is about to be released. Still, it would be great if
people could update their translations.

Please preferrably commit the needed update in place
(packages/po/sublevel6 in D-I SVN repository).

If you can't (no commit access yet...or trouble in committing), please
send updates to me.

Thanks in advance,

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