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Re: Updating chinese-t-desktop in tasksel for Wheezy.

Dear Yao, FourDollars and all Traditional Chinese users,

2012/7/11 Yao Wei (魏銘廷) <mwei@lxde.org>:
> Some recommendations on input method:
> SCIM somehow stopped their maintenance. (But seems their maintenance
> started again by another people.)

Thanks to confirm. The upstream is not dead.

> Anyway, I would hope using IBus as a default recommendation, followed
> by some common input methods that can type Chinese. Such as:
> ibus-chewing | gcin-chewing | hime-chewing | fcitx-chewing |
> fcitx-libpinyin | scim-chewing

The problem is not just be able to typing Chinese here. The tasksel
designs for normal users
who doesn't know how to install packages in debian.

So it would be nice to have an overview from nontechnical users' point
of view. which input
method are mostly user friendly and attractive for even non-debian users?

Everyone I've polled who has installed ibus for nontechnical users has
had to switch out ibus
due to its non-staleness and non-user-friendliness. Technical users
who want ibus or
whatever will have no difficulty installing it.

> and some table-based input methods and so on...

Which table do you mean here?

> im-switch needs to update to im-config too, because im-switch is
> deprecated and IME maintainers now recommend using im-config.


> And, as my personal (and many users') favorite, Wen Quan Yi Micro Hei
> (文泉驛微米黑) seems like a good system typeface, so I would recommend:
> ttf-wqy-microhei | ttf-wqy-zenhei

The comment says "seems openjdk needs this to display Chinese."
Can you please confirm which fonts are needed for display Chinese in openjdk?


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