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Re: ZhuYin.bin in scim-tables-zh

那個....不好意思,沒有人看到這封信嗎? ^^;

On Mon, 09 Mar 2009 07:31:28 +0800
imacat <imacat@mail.imacat.idv.tw> wrote:
>     Did anyone noticed that the ZhuYin.bin in scim-tables-zh is serious
> incorrect?  It puts the infrequent characters in front, and the order
> violates the habbits of most Zhu-Yin users, too.
>   有人注意到 scim-tables-zh 輸入法現在的注音輸入表 ZhuYinb.bin 有問題
> 嗎?現在的 ZhuYin.bin 裏把不常用的字放到很前面,選字順序也違反注音使用的
> 選字習慣。
> http://plog.longwin.com.tw/my_note-unix/2008/07/24/linux-scim-add-zhuyin-bin-2008

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