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Re: d-i translation

Hi Raymond.
if you are interesting in translating, please contact me and I will help you to do.
2006/8/14, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>:
Quoting 孫緯然 (raymond.suen@thizgroup.com):
> Hi Frans,
> I would like to participate the "Debian-installer" translation work.
> The language I intend to translate is Chinese-Traditional.
> My account name in alioth is suenr-guest. Please grant me the
> admission to this project.

Well, we already have Tetralet, Asho Yeh and Gary Yang registered as
translators for zh_TW.

So, for me thse are the coordinators of the translation effort and
everything should be discussed with them.

We indeed prefer avoiding to approve too many people for the same
translation team for commit access. 2 or 3 committers is usually the

Of course, if the wish of the Traditional Chinese translation team is
that you take some part to this, Raymond, there's no problem, but I'd
prefer getting some agreement by Tetralet and/or Asho Yeh before.

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