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Debian Installer level 1 translation for your language really needs an update

(this message is CC'ed to several lists. Moderators, please consider
approving it if it needs moderation. It is rather important for l10n
work in your language)

If you want to answer to this message, please answer only to me and
eventually to the relevant translators mailing list. Do NOT use group

Now for the topic:

For those of you who don't know me, I am Christian Perrier,
coordinator of the Debian Installer localization process.

The current translation of the so-called "level1" of Debian Installer
in your language (Trad. Chinese, Albanese, Punjabi, Hungarian,
Croatian, Welsh or Bulgarian) is noticeably outdated even though this
translation happened to be complete for the sarge release of Debian in
June 2005 or was nearly complete even if the language was not released
along with sarge.

However, there was no or a very low activity from your side since then
and the translation slowly felt in the statistics.

"Level 1" is the core of Debian Installer, ie all what users see when
they install a fresh Debian system.

The next release of Debian Installer called "Etch beta2" will try to
be as complete as possible in regards of translation, so I would
deeply appreciate some updates for your language before the end of
January if you can.

If you actually can't do updates and someone else in your translation
team can, please send this person to me...or please raise your
hands. All of us may have real life involvments which prevent us to
put as much energy as we would like in Free Software.

In any case, please receive my best wishes for the year 2006 for those
of you who use the gregorian calendar.

And, remember, please do not use group replies to this mail..:-)


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