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Re: D-I Manual - String freeze for next release - please update translations

On Monday 19 December 2005 14:41, Frans Pop wrote:
> As already announced in [1], there will be a string freeze for the next
> two weeks (until January 1) for the Installation Guide.

Most translations have now been updated and there are some translations 
that are now at 100% for the first time. Well done all.

The pt_BR team has been working very hard but needs a little bit more time 
to finish. The deadline for updates is therefore extended with 2 days to 
allow for that (ends Jan 2 2006).
So if any other translation teams wish to do a bit more reviewing, you can 
use that time too.

The only translation not updated so far is Traditional Chinese. If anybody 
is interested in trying to complete this before the deadline ends, please 
contact me.

After the end of the deadline for translation updates I will need some 
time to update the Sarge branch and prepare the releases. During that 
time there will be a full freeze (both for English and translations) for 
the manual. I will announce the end of this freeze on the d-i18n and 
d-boot lists.

Best wishes for 2006 to everyone,

Translation status for zh_TW:
    manual_po/zh_TW/administrivia.po: 15t0f1u
    manual_po/zh_TW/bookinfo.po: 5t1f0u
    manual_po/zh_TW/boot-installer.po: 340t6f4u
    manual_po/zh_TW/gpl.po: 63t2f0u
    manual_po/zh_TW/hardware.po: 518t2f0u
    manual_po/zh_TW/install-methods.po: 176t8f1u
    manual_po/zh_TW/installation-howto.po: 44t2f0u
    manual_po/zh_TW/partitioning.po: 138t1f0u
    manual_po/zh_TW/post-install.po: 38t8f10u
    manual_po/zh_TW/preparing.po: 309t2f2u
    manual_po/zh_TW/random-bits.po: 138t8f29u
    manual_po/zh_TW/using-d-i.po: 269t3f11u

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