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D-I Manual - String freeze for next release - please update translations

As already announced in [1], there will be a string freeze for the next 
two weeks (until January 1) for the Installation Guide.

After that, there will be a final update of the manual for Sarge from SVN 
trunk. After that all Sarge-specific text will be deleted in trunk so we 
can concentrate on updating the manual for Etch.

There will also be an upload of the Installation Guide for Etch. Any 
translations that have not been updated in time, will be dropped from 
this release.

The languages most at risk to be dropped for the Etch release are:
- Spanish - 103 files needing update, 6 missing (update has been promised)
- Portuguese (Brazilian) - 101 files needing update, 6 missing
- Czech - unknown needing update, 4 missing
- Chinese (traditional) - 90%

Greek is currently at 91% and will not be included unless translation is 
updated to 100%, with the possible exception of preseed.po.
The missing translations for preseed.po for pt and zh_CN is also 
acceptable for the release.

If any changes are committed to the English version of the manual during 
the freeze, I will revert these after saving them so they can be 
re-applied after the end of the freeze and the releases.

See [1] for further details.

Frans Pop

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2005/11/msg00107.html

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