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Request for "beta testers" for latex-cjk

(UTF-8 encoding)

Hi, Mentors and CJK users!

I intend to adopt the cjk-latex package, and since this is my first
package, I would like a few helping hands to polish this package.  The
original maintainer (Anthony Fok) is willing to sponsor my package,
but it wouldn't harm to have some extra QA.

A few questions:

1. I have several subpackages, so each has its own directory in
   /usr/share/doc/.  I wish to centralize all docs, example files the
   changelog and the copyright file all in one single directory, id
   est /usr/share/doc/latex-cjk/.  (Those package from the latex-cjk
   source of course, not the extra Japanese and Korean font packages,
   since they use a different source each.)

   Do I just have to install them manually (put them in a .install
   instead of in a .docs file)?  And what about the changelog and
   copyright files?  They use the same source anyway.

2. CJK provides example configuration files for a UTF-8 environment.
   These use Bitstream's Cyberbit font, a font that used to be freely
   downloadable on Netscape's FTP address (and still is, BTW), but
   with a fuzzy License, and seems to be officially retracted by
   Bitstream.  Just because CJK has some example files written for
   such a non-DFSG free surely doesn't automatically force the
   latex-cjk package into contrib/, does it?  I haven't found any
   discussion about Cyberbit on Debian-Legal, but perhaps I will ask
   them this question.
     More importantly however, are there are any other, DFSG compliant
   fonts with such a wide coverage like Cyberbit, at the very least
   with Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters?

Some additional notes:

1. I have provided a few manpages, but not every binary has one yet.
   The new upstream version has some extra funcionalities, so I will
   write new manpages when I upload 4.6.0.

2. The Wansong fonts are old, and aren't used anymore in 4.6.0.  This
   is just a temporary package.

3. I have renamed cjk-latex to latex-cjk, because most LaTeX macro's
   on Debian start with latex- (for example latex-beamer, latex-ucs,
   latex-xcolor, etc.).  A dummy package "cjk-latex" is provided to
   ease the transition.

4. This package uses CJK version 4.5.1, along with extra CVS patches
   up to 2003-03-18 (I accidentally put 0.20030319 in the
   versioning).  The current upstream version has been upped to 4.6.0,
   but since a lot of changes have happened, especially concerning the
   creation of TeX fonts and vertical writing, and because of the
   dependency on fontinst 1.918 (only available in teTeX3), I will
   need some more time to get 4.6.0 working.

5. Version -13 of latex-cjk (yet to uploaded), will at least have
   this change:
   * Remove the symbolic link from history.txt.gz to changelog.gz: the
     source package has a real changelog file.  The history.txt.gz
     file will still be provided in the docs.

   Version -3 of latex-cjk-japanese-wadalab-fonts (yet to upload):
   * Add debian/README.Debian-source to explain how the repackaged source
     tarball was created.
   * Change my emailaddress in debian/patches/.
   * Put the Type1 fonts in /usr/share/texmf/fonts/type1.

   Version -2 of latex-cjk-korean-wansong-fonts (yet to upload):
   * I forgot to modify debian/README.Debian, which I copied from

   * Put all the Type1 fonts in /usr/share/texmf/fonts/type1.

   Reason I don't upload a new version after every change is that
   these packages take long to upload.

Info about the packages:

You can download the packages from the Mentors
(http://mentors.debian.net/usage.php, source only) or the Alioth
(http://chinese.alioth.debian.org/latex-cjk/, source and i386
precompiled) Debian package repositories.

  You will also need freetype1-tools, with a slight modification (id est
changing "cyberb" into "cyberbit"), also available on both

Best regards, and thank you in advance.




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