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[D-I Manual] Build log for zh_TW (26 Jun 2005) - ERRORS DURING BUILD

A build of the Debian Installer Manual was triggered by an update to SVN.

!!! There were errors during the build process.
!!! Please check the log and correct the errors.

Only architectures (if any) that were built correctly have been uploaded.

A log of the build is available at:
- http://home.tiscali.nl/isildur/d-i/log/zh_TW.log

Note: PDF output is not yet supported for some languages; this
is being worked on.
If you would prefer this message to be sent somewhere else,
please send a mail to aragorn@tiscali.nl.

Updated files ('svn up')
U  po/zh_TW/random-bits.po
Updated to revision 28674.

The error seems to be in the translation of the string below, where the 
translation has a link (<xref>) _not_ included in the original text:
#. Tag: para
#: using-d-i.xml:535
#, no-c-format
msgid "If you selected a language that is recognized as an official 
language for more than one country<footnote> <para> In technical terms: 
where multiple locales exist for that language with differing country 
codes. </para> </footnote>, you will next be asked to select a country. 
If you choose <guimenuitem>Other</guimenuitem> at the bottom of the list, 
you will be presented with a list of all countries, grouped by continent. 
If the language has only one country associated with it, that country 
will be selected automatically."

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