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Re: SCIM and OpenOffice

Andrew Lee wrote:
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Osamu Aoki wrote:

|> For what it's worth, I just tested SCIM and OpenOffice on my sid
|> machine and it works without any problem.  The packages are all
|> Debian official: openoffice.org                      1.1.3-4 scim
|> (and scim-gtk2-immodules)      1.0.2-2 scim-chinese
|> 0.4.2-1 and the other configurations are: LANG=POSIX
|> LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8 XMODIFIERS="@im=SCIM"  # This should not
|> matter GTK_IM_MODULE=scim     # This is important since OO.o has
|> problem with XIM The desktop is GNOME.

I tested on 1.1.3-6 with scim-chewing, Chinese input is fine in
oowriter, ooweb,
oocalc, oodraw, ooimpress...can't see any problem with Chinese input.

My configurations are:
~    LANG=en_US.UTF-8
~    GTK_IM_MODULE=scim
Window Manager is WindowMaker.

- -Andrew

I have upgraded scim, scim-config-gconf, scim-config-socket, scim-dev, scim-dev-socket-doc, scim-frontend-socket, scim-gtk2-immodule, scim-server-socket from 1.0.2-1 to 1.0.2-2, but still no joy with SCIM and Debian OpenOffice.

Also have installed: scim-chewing, scim-chinese, scim-hangul, scim-m17n, scim-tables-additional, scim-tables-ja, scim-tables-ko, scim-tables-zh, scim-uim, anthy and libanthy0.

Someone using Mepis seems equally "stuck" getting SCIM to work with OOo and I think there's probably a few more on the Internet lists. Don't know what we are all doing differently.

[Incidentally I find OpenOffice1.1.3-6 very unstable (it crashes when certain menu items (e.g. 'Font Effects', but it may be a different item with each install) are selected]


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