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Chinese pages of debian web sites

Dear folks,

At first I should notice that I know it's annoyed to see message with
wrong encoding on the list, so I am writing in English instead.(Hope the
mail gateway between debian-chinese-* lists can get fix soon.)

We all known our developers trying hard to get sarge out as soon as
possible, I think that will be a lots of hits on the site after sarge
out. But the status of Chinese pages seems enough to make the angel weep.

I don't know any project still available for this, such as the CDDP
http://www.linux.org.tw/~chihchun/CDDP/ seems broken already.

I just downloaded and translated one page on the CDDP, but I don't
know how to upload the translated file with CDDP. If you knows how to
improve the status of Chinese pages, please give our developers a hand.

Best regard,

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