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Re: I'm chinese I want to get help about iptables

Sounds like you need to 'activate' kernel support.  This is what is meant
by insmod.  Could be that there is no iptables.o on you system.  The fix
can be simple or complex but it's straight forward.  I would "apt-get
install kernel-image-$(uname -r)" or kernel-image-2.4.18-386.  You can ask
in debian-chinese-big5 about this they should be able to help you.

--- zhangxiaoyan9696@sohu.com wrote:
> hello   I want to get help!
> I'm come from China .I'm sorry that my Enlish is very poor.
> I used iptables to link internet with DDN 
> but ,the system tell me :
> ip_tables.0:insmod iptables.o init_module:Device or resource busy
> Hint:initmodule errors can bu caused by incorrect module
> parameters,including invalid IO or IRQ parameters
> iptables.o: insmod iptables.o failed
> iptables.o: insmod iptables
> iptable can't initialize iptable table'filter':iptables who?(do you need
> to insmod?)
> Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to bu upgraded
> How can I do 
> Please mail to me   
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