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Re: chinese case in current languagechooser (was Re: Languagechooser changes)

Quoting Carlos Z.F. Liu (carlos_liu@yahoo.com):

> Mandarin/Cantonese are two kinds of pronounce.
> Simplified/Traditional Chinese are two kinds of writing method.
> Because d-i can't SPEAK chinese ^_^, Please ignore what's mandarin/cantonese.

OK, this clarifies things.

So let's summarize:

Simplified Chinese is the written official language for CN and SG
Traditional Chinese is a written official language for TW and HK.

Supported locales in Debian are zh_CN, zh_HK and zh_TW (with different

1) Chinese speaking people in China

-choose "Simplified" at languagechooser
-choose "China" at countrychooser

They get a zh_CN locale and have your current translations. Fine

2) Chinese speaking people in Taiwan

-choose "Traditional" et languagechooser
-choose "Taiwan" at countrychooser

They get a zh_TW locale and have the future zh_TW translations
(currently, they'll have English)

3° Chinese speaking people in Hong-Kong

-choose "Traditional" at languagechooser
-choose "Hong-Kong" at contrychooser

They get a zh_HK locale and will NOT benefit from zh_TW unless we give
them zh_TW as an alternative (but how?)

4) Chinese speaking people in Singapore

-choose "Simplified" at languagechooser
-do not have "Singapore" at first languagechooser screen:
  - if they choose "China" as country, they will have Simplified
  - if they choose "Singapore", they will continue in English

5) Other chinese speaking people

Will never get Chinese, either Traditional or Simplified, unless they
choose either China or Taiwan as their "country".

I have to dig more deeply into the scheme we currently have for
finding a solution without too much dirty hacks....:-)

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