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Re: Traditional Chinese (zhuin) Language Engine for iiimf


Zhuin Input is one area which has become a rather large headache in trying to roll out Debian based thin-client workstations to the Taiwan market.

Although exporting the input from the server seems to work for now, I use xcin, however being able to use an infrastructure which is designed for being used in a distributed environment would be of great benefit (less load on the server).


Roger So wrote:


According to Sun, they are ready to open source most of their CJK input
methods.  Once they are ready to be packaged I (or perhaps somebody
else :) will package them for Debian.


On Fri, 2004-02-06 at 16:14 +0800, Ben Wang wrote:

Is there a working iiimf language engine which is able to provide zhuin, traditional chinese input?

Ben Wang

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