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Re: linux in chinese ...

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On Thursday 05 June 2003 21:28, william wu wrote:
> I don't have a 100% chinese environement with my debian ...
> My purpose was to learn Chinese

??? then why do you want to have a chinese Linux? The same software which is 
on RedFlag, Redhat, Mandrake and so on also exists for Debian.
The question in which language the messages, menues and GUI are displayed 
depends on the fonts and locale settings.
You can also try 3Anoppix, which is Knoppix in traditional chinese (running 
completely from CD, but also installable on HD).

If you wnat to learn chinese, I think you might need a dictionary, the input 
method and some fonts. Also hanzim might be interesting for you, to learn 
the characters.
The input method I use is xcin, it comes with a preconfigured chinese 
terminal (rxvt-ml) in Debian. From there I start my applications, like 
kmail, and am able to input chinese. My environment stays english, but I 
can show and input chinese, both in unicode (utf8) or big5.
If you want to display traditional and simplefied chinese in the same 
document (maybe together with some european characters), you need a unicode 
font. there are 2 truetype fonts available on 
ftp://debian.linux.org.tw/pub/3Anoppix/people/arne/ , also as debian 
packages. They currently include Big5, GB2312 and 
iso8859-1,2,3,4,9,10,11,13,14,15. they are still in development so, if you 
find any grave bugs, please report to me... ;)
As a dictionary I mainly use cedict, or kdict with the dictd server and a 
converted database from cedict. I can mail it to you if you want.

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