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Big Deal



This project involves acquiring fifteen luxury home□ on the French Riviera, 
and making them time-share□. People from all over the world will enjoy 
living in a luxury home while in paradise. Car rental is included. They will 
enjoy their trip every year.

Table of content□

A. The business
The business is to make a paradise getaway affordable.

B. Product□, and service□ offered
The product□ are a phone, a car, near the beach, near shopping, made 

C. The industry
Real-estate/luxury home□

A. Customer□
Our customer□ are people who have been to, or want to go to france. People 
who can arrange for a $5,000.00 (five thousand dollar) loan Plus $62.00 a 
week for 520 week□ for scheduling, and maintenance. Mostly people who are 

B. Market size & trend□
There are more than one hundred millionaires in the U.S.. 5000 
people/families paying $5,000.00(five thousand dollar□)  a year for a 
luxury vacation on the French Riviera mean□ we have to expand, and we are 
still booked solid. Plus $62.00 a week for 520 week□ for scheduling, and 

C. Competition (nature & number)
Our only real competition are the companies that offer you your own house in 
some resort area. Basically we have no competition.

D. Available market
Our primary market is those people who own there own business, and that 
number is growing steadily.

E. Prediction□
I/we predict that by the end of a ten year cycle we will have cleaned up, 
and own most of the French Riviera.


A. General strategy
To share testimonial□, and use word of mouth. As well as every form of 
marketing, internet film, e-mail list□, tv, radio, newspaper, and regular 
mail. I know once the word gets out about this fabulous vacation/time-share 
opportunity there will be a waiting list as big as a phonebook.

B. Pricing philosophy
I believe that $5,000.00 for a week plus $62.00 a week for 520 week□ for 
scheduling, and maintenance with the family in paradise(French Riviera) is 
affordable. You also get a car, a maid, a phone, a tv with cable, a swimming 
pool. All of this for $5,000.00(five thousand dollar□ for one week, once a 
year. This is unheard of.

C. Method of sale□
Again I/we shall do whatever it take□ to make sure that everybody knows 
about our time-share, and there will always be a constant reminder in the 
form of radio, newspaper, internet, e-mail, regular mail, and word of mouth 

D. Customer service
Operator□ are here 24/7 twenty-four hour□ a day, seven day□ a week to 
assist you. Maintenance is always here to make repair□.

E. Advertising
I am some what of a marketing genius. I know that by buying an e-mail list, 
and with the help of people who can send e-mail□ I/we will definitely have 
exposure. Also our web-site, radio, tv, newspaper ad□ are going to generate 
customer□. And direct mailing□ are another way to gain exposure. As a 
financial consultant it will be a breeze to consolidate their bill□, and 
they will have enough for a week in paradise(French Riviera).

F. Sale□ forecast's
I/we forecast fifty two families a year multiplied by fifteen time-share 
unit□ will be 780 families paying $5,000.00(five thousand dollar□) each 
year for a one week stay in paradise(French Riviera). That is for the first 
year, we can have reservation□ for the coming year□.


A. Facilities & equipment
These are luxury home□ with a swimming pool, cable tv, phone, including car 

B. Plans for growth and expansion
I/we plan to aquire as many properties that are nearest to the beach in the 
French Riviera, and England, and Spain, and Africa, and Australia, and 
Mexico, and the U.S., and basically the whole world that is beach related.

C. Overall schedule of event□
First I/we aquire fifteen luxury home□ in the French Riviera, then more 
luxury homes in the French Riviera, and then I/we will do the same thing in 
England, and Spain, and Africa, and Australia, and Mexico, and the U.S., 
let□ not forget Hawaii.

D. Risk□
These are the risk□ as I see them, if you see some that are□t mentioned 
please advise. There are hurricanes, flood□, and other natural disaster□. 
In the beginning I/we risk people thinking that this is to good to be true. 
I/we risk not knowing the character of our client□, what, and how they do 
thing□ while staying at our time-share. They could steel everything, or 
burn the house down. We will have insurance for that. Another risk is that 
the grass is destroyed. The patio gets scratched.   Basically I/we feel that 
this is safe because they are paying a big chunk of cash to enjoy their 


A. Proposal
I/we propose that the lender/investor put up $25,000,000.00(fifteen million 
dollar□) in exchange for a lean on all property, and 50% of all revenue for 
a period of ten year□. This give□ you the lender/investor 
$19,500,000.00(forty million dollar□).

B. Use of proceeds
See budget(chart)
the use of proceeds are first to pay loan, and then any other overhead. The 
remainder is profit, and will be at the sole discretion of Daniel H. 

C. Break even analysis
$5,000.00(five thousand dollar□) minus loan payment for a  cost of 
$2,500.00(two thousand five hundred dollar□) equal□ $2,500.00(two thousand 
five hundred dollar□) minus phone for each house, cable for each house, 
swimming pool maintenance for each house, car rental for each house equal□ 
$400.00 per week equal□ $2,100.00(twenty-one hundred dollar□). After ten 
year□ I/we will be even, and you will have received $19,500,000.00(nineteen 
million five hundred thousand dollar□).

D. Historical statement□
Historically time-share□ do very nice. However to have a time-share on the 
beach in the French Riviera will be awesome!!!

Historically speaking real-estate appreciates in value, and these luxury 
home□ will skyrocket.

E. Pro-forma income statement□
$5,000.00 per house multiplied by fifteen house□ equal□ $75,000.00 
multiplied by fifty two week□ in the year equal□ $3,900,000.00.

F. Pro-forma balance sheet□
$2,500.00 per week equal□ $130,000.00 multiplied by fifty two equal□ 

The overhead for each house is $400.00 per week that equal□ $6,000.00 
multiplied by fifty two week□ equal□ $312,000.00 multiplied by fifteen 
equal□ $4,680,000.00

G. Pro-forma cash flow statement□
See chart(budget)


A. Organizational structure
UNIQUE PROPERTY SOLUTIONS is a sole propriortership, and will become a 

Date of application 3/7/03


7400 Valleycrest BLVD.
Annandale VA. 22003-1747

(703) 560-0632

Referred by Googol search for venture capital

INDUSTRY Real-estate

The French Riviera is a great location, and the best place to launch this 

Studies show that property by the beach is quickly occupied.

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