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Patch of LC_TIME of zh_TW locale

Dear glibc developers,

In the zh_TW locale, the "abday" and "day" fields contain too
many characters (2 and 3, respectively). This may result to some
strange displaying when using the related utilities under this
locale (e.g., cal). Therefore, after some discussions, we decide
to shorten the contents of "abday" and "day" fields. The following
is the patch provided by Rex Tsai <chihchun@kalug.linux.org.tw>,
which works perfectly. So, please add this patch into the main
stream of the glibc.

Thank you very much.


patch for glibc-2.2.5.

--- ./localedata/locales/zh_TW.orig     Wed Sep 18 22:00:52 2002
+++ ./localedata/locales/zh_TW  Wed Sep 18 22:07:40 2002
@@ -82,16 +82,16 @@

 % day: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thr, Fri, Sat
-abday  "<U9031><U65E5>";"<U9031><U4E00>";"<U9031><U4E8C>";"<U9031><U4E09>";/
-       "<U9031><U56DB>";"<U9031><U4E94>";"<U9031><U516D>"
+abday  "<U65E5>";"<U4E00>";"<U4E8C>";"<U4E09>";/
+       "<U56DB>";"<U4E94>";"<U516D>"

-day    "<U661F><U671F><U65E5>";/
-       "<U661F><U671F><U4E00>";/
-       "<U661F><U671F><U4E8C>";/
-       "<U661F><U671F><U4E09>";/
-       "<U661F><U671F><U56DB>";/
-       "<U661F><U671F><U4E94>";/
-       "<U661F><U671F><U516D>"
+day    "<U9031><U65E5>";/
+       "<U9031><U4E00>";/
+       "<U9031><U4E8C>";/
+       "<U9031><U4E09>";/
+       "<U9031><U56DB>";/
+       "<U9031><U4E94>";/
+       "<U9031><U516D>"

 % month: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec.
 abmon  "<U0020><U0031><U6708>";"<U0020><U0032><U6708>";/

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